Dystopia Series

After The Flood

After The Flood

After doing 5 collages in the past week (there are magazine cuttings everywhere!), I realize there is a theme going on. Magical realism, yes. But also worlds shape-shifting into dystopian dream-like landscapes. I think they have been influenced by reading the Book of Revelations as well as from watching my favorite movie genre: sci-fi. “Interstellar” was particularly mind-bending. Subconsciously, the collages must reflect my discomfort with the state of our culture and the world at large. Random acts of kindness are few and far between. Rather, acts of violence and a disregard for others seem to be the norm. The exceptions, of course, are my family, dear friends and care team who are engaged positively in life. Their energy helps off-set the negative energy (the black hole effect) of so many. This might sound a bit over-inflated. But living with stage four cancer has really opened my eyes. And my heart. Life is to be treasured, not trashed. Anyway, I hope you see the beauty in my dystopian worlds as well as the chaos. As Renoir said, “Pain passes…beauty remains.”.

Bottom left is “Harvest” and right is a 3″ x 3″ collage titled “New Life“.

HarvestNew Life

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