A Bushel of Books

enhanced-buzz-13086-1369765849-36A friend sent me these photos of books. I love the idea of building a bookcase onto a door (although it must be quite heavy to swing open!) I just started reading this wonderful book, “Salamander” by Thomas Wharton. Here’s an apropos excerpt:

…the crowning achievement of the count’s great labor was undoubtedly the library. A Scottish inventor, at enormous expense, designed a system of hidden tracks, chains and pulleys, driven by water and steam, to create a ceaseless migration of bookcases that without warning would sink into the walls or disappear behind sliding wooden panels. Others dropped through trapdoors in the ceiling or rose from concealed wells in the floors. The entire castle in effect became the library, and no private space was inviolable. A guest at the castle might be luxuriating in a perfumed bath…when, with a warble of unseen gears, a seemingly solid partition would slide back and a bookcase or reading desk would trundle past…



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