Stars and Stripes

Flag Quilt Block 11864-FlagQuilt

Happy 4th of July! A few years ago I gave a lecture on Civil War Quilts. Flag quilts were very popular during and after the Civil War. We are so accustomed to seeing the flag with fifty stars. During the secession of many southern states, the number of stars on the American flag changed every few months. Both Union and Confederate flags reflected the divided state of our nation. Confederate flags underwent the greatest number of changes as the South searched for a new identity. One particular flag had so much white in the design, it was interpreted as a surrender flag! That one didn’t last very long. Here is one of the Confederate designs and the “Southern Cross” still used as a symbol of the south..


I think the most poignant flag is the one recovered from Fort Sumter…


The artist Frederick Church painted this haunting landscape in 1916…


Now for some contemporary versions of the flag…

Roadside American flag sign with knobs, Wingdale, New York

Roadside American flag sign with knobs, Wingdale, New York



Have a happy and safe 4th!

2 Comments (+add yours?)

    Jul 04, 2015 @ 17:44:13

    And a very good lecture it was too!


  2. Stephanie
    Jul 15, 2015 @ 06:09:33

    Lovely!!!!! You are so very talented!!!!!


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