More Quirkiness- Teapots!


OK. You’ve no doubt figured out I love whimsy and am a quirk-o-phile (something like an anglophile, which I am in spades). This time I’m turning your attention to the world of eccentric teapots. None of them sport a dormouse but they all have character. Why settle for a simple conventional teapot when you can have one of these? That goes for just about anything quirky in my opinion. Living in England for three years during my formative years did this to me. I guarantee there will be more in the quirky/dodgey department. Next post: canal boats.

images2A5V8A1GimagesQHB7B1LVimagesQWH63OPFteapot 1teapot4Mirjana%20Smith_4%20teapotsSunday_Lunch_Aga_Teapot_19imagesLFMM4CES

Wasn’t that fun? Don’t you want a cuppa now? And some sponge cake with treacle? Oh yum…

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