Lucky Dumpster

Seasons on The Snoqualmie River

July 4 river 2Christmas Magicbirdbath in snow




Frozen Bubbles



Here’s the story about the parakeets…for my birthday two years ago I asked for two parakeets. We went to Pet Co and asked for two females as we didn’t want to become parakeet breeders. Their names WERE Bea and Betty. Last summer we were surprised to see that Bea had laid an egg! (So much for trained pet store clerks!). We changed Betty’s name to Betty-Boy. I ran out to purchase a nesting box. During the ensuing weeks Bea laid a total of six eggs and we watched the whole process from eggs to hatchlings. It was like having our own nature channel! So now there are EIGHT parakeets. They live happily in a large parrot cage and are quite the active family. In the summer we put their cage outside, which they love. And we get some peace and quiet.

Needless to say, we go through a lot of bird seed!

Bluebelle and WhiteyStormyGood morningWhitey 4


steampunk guinea pighedgehog

mouse lemurbaby hedgehog

Smiling Dogs

smiling dog 1imagessmiling 2

The Cosmos

2D11095821-140109-space-handofgod_blocks_desktop_largemilky way and meteor

galactic butterfly



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